22 March 2013

Abu Folan the singer campaign to search for the country's president

Dear village's peaceful people,
Let me tell you what I understood about the recent news about the selection of the President of the Republic, you know all that Mr. anticipated will come forced under the rule of the military and without a clear mandate duties "This means that he'll ride the chair without knowing where to go" and everything to do will be told to him by the generals to manage the interests of the state that which do not reflect for our interests, we are producers in deferred probation, so I decided to send you this message so do not make one deceive you with words sounding the public about the Renaissance and honor, the struggles of the desperate or service and his experience as a slave system of fraud and tyranny, then don't elect a president for our country unless he meets the minimum requirements for any sincere ruler, briefly:

- We want an Egyptian president (Egyptian-Aligned not only by nationality) is not affiliated to the Arab governments or Western or Islamic, nor issue oil and gas, electricity, fertilizer and cement to other countries at a lower price, which is sold in our country or sell our land to the princes of Arabs without a price, and wasting our resources industry and agriculture for the benefit of governments and major international companies at the expense of the interests of our product.
- We want an honest president not picking the pockets of overriding Egyptians.
- We want a president that takes care of the interests of his people and choose the interests of the majority of the producers not the interests of big thieves and traders under the pretext of nationalism and national renaissance and dignity.
- We want a president who doesn't differentiate between the people claiming the protection of national unity or the values of pseudo-masculinity, and understand that women dress for the guy all the guardian of rights, not a creature of weak crooked rib, president knows the value of equality that God created us on, regardless of gender, color or creed.
- We want a president has a vision to progress and develop the capacity and potential of a country where most of it on one meal a day, and suffered a quarter of a convincing and real unemployment is not known about a third of reading and writing.
- We want a president that distributes farmland to small farmers and young graduates the right to use without the thieves traded in the blood of his followers, overriding, and violin provides the production requirements and supports their rights in the lending and marketing of agriculture and safe.
- We want a president that provides a human housing in every Egyptian new city, Those which have been built in deserts with the revenues of the Suez Canal and the export of raw materials, customs, taxes, return private funds (income large) and not to imagine that he provides these rights from his own pocket (The Grant, O President).
- We want a president that opens the factories that have been closed and to develop them to produce machinery and tools, to produce our food by our own hands, to bring jobs to our sons, and to bring goodness on our country.
- We want a president that doesn't consider his people as a market and a trade and knows that he's an employee selected from us to manage the interests of the people which majority can be more than 80% of workers, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, simple employees and some people just seeking the day's meal "marginalized people".
- We want a president that does something for the dignity of the Egyptian citizen inside or outside Egypt and feels that any Egyptian to be insulted is an insult to his home and his family.
- We want the president to heal the wounds and patients' pain. A president that builds hospitals, health insurance hard and diligently addressed diseases that ate the health of the Egyptians.
- We want the president to catch the gang and try them not to keep them in the dark on pension security, or to let their followers complete sucking our blood and torture of our people and take advantage of our workers and our poor farmers, craftsmen, and laborers employees that are asking for the day's living.
- We want the president that understands that his identity card and Business personal religious right that we judge him because he is (like us) and remains a believer that we have rights in the wealth of our country and in the production and in income not distributed to his followers.
- We want a president that knows hoe to teach or children hoe to be scientists and geniuses, literary figures and intellectuals, engineers, doctors and farmers and manufacturers and producers, to give the benefit of themselves and their homeland.
- We want a president that dreams like us that our country's security and stability, not emergency, torture, intelligence and national security but to provide decent work and housing bloodiest and the top of a clean enough for us from a decent job, available for all not only for his relatives and his gang.
- We want a president that remains sure that if he doesn't provide an alternative program to fraud and exploitation, oppression and stalking. We want him to be sure that we will destroy the throne and the palace above his head. The alternative program based on urgent solutions for bill payment deferred to resolve crises, treatment, housing, education, agriculture, income, and roads and traffic, electricity, gas, water and sanitation, culture and information, a comprehensive program meant to see biased for the majority produced in our country to develop the capacity and capabilities and ensure the rights of Egyptians (We want one package).
- We want the president to try the killers of the martyrs and the criminals who stole out sweat and to return our looted money from the gang and its followers, he should try the second grade state institutions which manages the corruption so that the disadvantaged and the victims could live again as human beings with dignity, income and a secured life.
- We want the president that believes in the right of people to organize themselves without the tutelage of one and secure its right to strike and demonstrations. Notto be on the side of the rich and the owners of capital and Chambers of Commerce, and works ministries and agencies freedom; not to spy on the activity and people. A president allows each group the freedom and support.
- We want the President to raise the minimum wage for workers in the public sector and private formal and informal to 1500 pounds monthly without being shy of the business owners, to stop the declared bribery and theft in most government agencies, The President stop the looting of billions of overriding people as advisers special wages, funds or money. He must increase the pension and insurance money minimum pension for a thousand pounds as this is the money of the producers not the wage of the thieves managing the country.
O good people of the village. If there is a candidate to do all these things, vote for him. Overall, we waited for centuries to let presidents, governments and the thieves understand the lesson. If they didn't understand yet, so Abo Folan the singer campaign will continue till a president like Tunisia's Ben Ali comes and say "Enough, I understand".