22 March 2013

Millennium Development Goals for 2010

My brother the farmer … my peasant sister,
Egypt for the Millennium Development Goals issued a report for the year 2010 revealed that Egypt is still facing great challenges for the first goal on the elimination of extreme poverty and hunger and the third goal on gender equality and the empowerment of women, the report pointed to the continuing economic disparities between people with varying scary.

Despite the fact that Egypt has succeeded in establishing a system of quotas for women in parliament, but the Egyptian women still have a lot to accomplish in the issues related to education and economic empowerment as well as the misuse of culture and traditions that impede progress and with regard to education proportions enrollment and literacy are improving, but this growth in the environment infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of students must be matched by more investment to improve the quality of education and highlights the importance of the approach is more targeted to accelerate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and to overcome the main obstacles and focus on improving the quality of services.
Retreating from the advances in Egypt
Millennium Development Goals are, in fact, achievable and should now make every possible effort to accelerate progress to achieve these goals through national action plans, policies and strategies to address barriers to progress the United Nations remains a key partner in this global effort and the role of national policies and local resources and development strategies very important However, since that has become local economies are intertwined with the global economic system, the effective use of opportunities for trade and investment play a negative role in increasing poverty and development efforts at the national level and Egypt had made at the summit a review of the Millennium Development Goals, which was held at the General Assembly of the United Nations on Millennium Development Goals 2010 and titled "Towards progress in Egypt and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals" and highlighted the Egyptian government through its participation in the Summit the fact that Egypt has taken concrete steps towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in spite of the negative effects of economic crises and, consequently, the decline in rate of aid at the global level and Egypt confirmed that the adoption of approaches to development a multi-dimensional based on the economic and social reform inherent in the political reform is still necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 as there is room for further work to achieve these goals in the next five years is among the top accomplishments of development presented by the delegation of the Egyptian government at the summit through the report the implementation of an ambitious plan for economic reform to deal effectively with problems that affect the Egyptian society on the basis of the reform of the legislative and institutional measures to create an attractive environment for foreign investment and the development of the educational process through the development of national standards for education in accordance with international standards and help young people to achieve integration with the labor market and the establishment of a new system of health insurance gradually expanded to include all citizens, as well as raise the level of medical services and improve women's participation in decision-making process. What keeps walking to the Government's report recognizes the low socio-economic conditions and political, without showing that treatment of this disorder and improve the conditions of the people and achieve the objectives of development needs to be policies of alternative and new ways to empower citizens and the fight against poverty, disease and ignorance, we call on all civil in Egypt to work to change government policies to ensure human rights in a fair wage and human livelihoods for all citizens in our country.