22 March 2013

Children abuse

My brothers and sisters of farmers,
There are many types of ill treatment or abuse which could be exposed to children, even physical abuse emotional sexual and neglect may appear (or not displayed) on the child of any of the warning signs which will be mentioned later, which indicates he is to abuse or exposure to them in the past.

What are the signs?
Signs of physical abuse?
And bruises and the effects of severe beatings or burns can not find the interpretation of her translucent, especially when there is bruising of the face, lips, mouth, or in different parts of the body at the same time.
Seems to involve too afraid or in his actions.
Children are, or who exhibit aggressive behavior or care for a very mature age of a person who may live in homes where violence prevails.
Signs of sexual abuse?
Difficulty in walking or sitting.
Pain or itching in the genital areas.
The presence of spots or blood in the underwear.
Repeated complaints of abdominal pain or headaches.
Occurrence of venereal diseases or mobile sexually diseases.
The presence of bruises or blood in the genitals.
Feel threatened and fearful of any physical contact with others.
Improper sexual acts or to absorb an early and immature for sex.
Urinary or fungal infections are frequent
Signs of emotional abuse?
Difficulty in pronunciation.
The inability to play a majority of children.
Sleep disturbances.
Social behavior or behaviors exaggerated.
Growth retardation, emotional and mental.
Lack of medical care or dental health care.
Appear to be dirty or permanently seems bather.
Does not have the proper education of teachers.
Lack of parental care.
Lack of adequate nutrition.
Lack of appropriate shelter.
Shows the feelings or destructive behaviors.
What rate of proliferation?
According to UNICEF estimates there are 300 million children worldwide are victims of abuse and exploitation.
According to the World Health Organization estimates there are 53 thousand children in the world have died because of the killings in 2002.
And between 133 and 275 million children in the world, watching the acts of domestic violence annually.
50% of those who are forced to work in the commercial sex sector are children and 220 million children engaged in child labor in the world (UNICEF 2004).
In Egypt, more than the proportions of the victims of violence from children to the rates of an unfortunate result of the deterioration of the educational status and family and call center of the earth all government institutions and non-government launch initiatives and campaigns to support the rights of children to stop violence against them to ensure the future of our country and call on all citizens to inform non-governmental organizations and relevant.