LCHR's Organizational Structure

LandCenter for Human Rights is non-governmental organization established as non-profit civil company in 1996.
The LCHR aims to promote and strengthen the rural groups to depend on themselves to defend their rights. Therefore, the LCHR promotes the law dominion and the legal and social equality, documents the conditions of the Egyptian countryside and increase the awareness the rural inhabitants. The organizational structure is consisted of:
- Board of trustee (consultative committee).
- Executive committee (execute the activity plan)
The LCHR organizes a meeting every 15 days for the units’ heads with the LCHR's manager in addition to monthly meetings for the staff in order to evaluate the LCHR performance and solve the obstacles that restrict the activities. The evaluation is achieved through the annual activity plans. Each head of the LCHR units presents a separate detailed report comprising the activities, results and obstacles that is discussed through the regular meetings to solve these problems. And the head of each unit must follow up his employees and evaluate their performance and give notifications on this performance. If any problem occurred between the head of the unit and one of the employees, the executive director solves the problem. LCHR staff is concerned with the management rules (financial and administrative) of the LCHR. Moreover, lawyers apply the rules organizing their work “check the following appendixes”.

A. General rules managing the LCHR
• The contacts between the executive manager and the various units should be through the heads of that unit.
• The head of every unit has the right to make any decisions that help achieve the work within his unit.
• The legal unit holds a weekly meeting (Thursday 3:00 p.m.) in order to distribute legal works on unit’s personnel, and following up previous assignments, as well as discussing the problems that meet the workers.
• The international relationships, the administration, and the documentation and information units hold a meeting every two weeks, and the executive manager participates in this meeting to discuss the problems and find solutions to them.
• The various units are requested to submit its annual plan of work to the executive manager, as early as before the beginning of October every year, so that he could present it to the board of trustees to do whet necessary need and approve it for action.

B. Financial and Managerial Rules of LCHR
There are a number of financial and administrative points and policies of the LCHR including:
- The Secretary of the Treasury does disbursement only after the adoption of the financial officer of the amounts to be disbursed by selecting the amount disbursed.
- At the end of each day the Secretary of the Treasury is to prepare detection for the movement of the treasury, and are reviewed every month and approved by the Director of the Center, and the facility must be a disclosure of all documents supporting the payment.
- Be recorded detect the movement of the treasury daily treasury book, but for the transitions of workers are preparing a request custody and adoption of the financial officer to settle these amounts at the end of each month.
- The lawyers at the end of each month prepare a statement analytical litigation and the supporting documents attached to it.
- The statement after the adoption of analytical and logistical litigation and attached documents supporting the payment is a settlement with the Managing Director and the amount paid after approval by the Executive Director.

3– Treasury:
-Supervisedby theresponsibleadministrative unit associate.
-The amount of cashshall not exceed1000pounds. And the LCHR manageris required tocomplete the amountafter spending.

4 - Salaries and bonuses:
- Lawyers are given rewards according to the contracts concluded with them, and the workers union management are given a monthly salary and shall be the obligation and not to loss of time and effort for all employees, and paid an incentive for the performance of each worker, but due appreciation to the Director, must not increase the incentive more than the basic salary should be incentives to adopt all of the director of the center before discharge and disposal of increment for each worker over the year to the beginning of his place on the premium shall not exceed 15% of his basic wage.
- All staff of the center commitment to attend and leave on a daily basis and regular to be the official working hours, from 9 am to 3 pm except on Friday and Saturday and public holidays, taking into account that the weekly working hours are 42 hours and calculated work hours increase paid extra.
- For researchers and part-time workers from abroad do not meet the rules of engagement to attend and leave due to the voluntary nature of their work.
- Days of absence will be deducted and the delay of salary for the administrative unit to be deducted each day the absence of two days of basic pay or a bonus monthly.
- Depending on the nature and size of the error to start the sanctions of the blame, warning and deduction of salary, leave without pay, and terminating sanctions the separation taking into account the delivery worker dismissed bonus estimated at two months bonus for each year, and shall be signed by the Director Center for any penalty issued against a staff, but in the case of desire worker to leave work for personal reasons must inform the management of the LCHR before at least two months to receive a month bonus for each year, and in the case of leaving the work without briefing center knowing that he does not deserve any reward referred to earlier, and the LCHR may sue him if there was a breach of committed a grave before he left work.
- In case of failure of any of the employees work assigned to them are entitled to director of the center so as not affected by the activity plan and objectives that the initiative taken for the implementation of these actions, whether based on some of the staff of the center or by relying on workers from abroad, or volunteers, in addition to the appropriate punishment for the error factor.

5 - The workers' duties:
- Must place the worker to lead the work assigned to him carefully and conscientiously, and that the role of himself perfectly.
- The worker is to devote time to act for the performance of official duties may be assigned by the management of the LCHR or the unit administrator to work in the non-working hours if the interest of this work.
- The worker must improve the treatment of visitors to the LCHR and the decent treatment of humane treatment.
- The worker is to maintain the property and funds of the LCHR and the unit works and observance, maintenance and all the tools and hardware ... etc.
- The worker must collaborate with colleagues in all units in the performance of urgent tasks necessary to ensure the workflow.
- The worker must not disclose any secret of the center of one of the files or cases or reports.
- The worker at the center is prohibited to accept any gifts or remuneration or commission on the occasion of his work inside the unit from any of the visitors to the center or the beneficiaries of its activities.
- The violation of any item of the liable to disciplinary sanctions contained is considered an offense which attracts punishment.
- The financial rules do not apply to administrative staff or volunteers from abroad, and apply to them, the provisions of the contract agreement signed between the LCHRs, including with respect to the type of work and duration agreed not entitled to claim the center of any dues other than the specific contract agreement between them and the center.

6 - Job description:
The center is divided by its terms of reference and the role of each member to the following:
Board of Trustees:
Is the advisory body to the center for its five years should be changed after two periods of its formation does not count the first period as a temporary foundation and the Director of the Center to provide annual reports to it and took her opinion, is the Executive Director is the liaison between the Center and in the absence of selection of the Board of Trustees for the current session 2012 --2,016 the director of the center will follow the work of this body with some friends of the center.

Executive Manager:
This unit is the linking coordinator between the LCHR's board of trustees and the workers, and he is the linking between the LCHR's employees and the units’ heads. The executive manager is entrusted toimplement tasks, control and oversee the daily work activities according to the plans of the LCHR and fallow up its execution processes to achieve the LCHR's goals, and he plans along with the units’ heads each unit’s activities and goals and how to execute them. And he represents the LCHR in the local and international conferences and forums, and he has the right to choose any one to attend them in his absence.

Legal Unit:
The unit involved in the provision of legal proceedings before the courts and various points of the investigation, the Unit is composed of lawyers, or full-time employees or volunteers from abroad, and works to support the rights of farmers, workers, women and children of workers and the agricultural sector and fishermen.
The unit shall arrange for the complaints and violations under its Documentation Unit, which are handed over to the legal unit on a daily basis in the event of a sudden violation of human rights or for farmers, fishermen and workers.

Research and Documentation Unit:
This unit is responsible for the preparation and follow up reports issued by the Center and its researchers through volunteers, and the unit follow-up activities in the field of studies issued by the. As well as dealing with the unit to save the LCHR's information retrieval and organization is interested in classification and indexing of the library and the responsibility of distribution of books and magazine and reports in addition to the classification of the archive.
The unit also documented and the order information and the problems of workers, farmers, women, children and fishermen.
The Unit issued press releases and pamphlets of the center, which reflects the situation of farmers and rural Egypt. The Unit also monitors the implementation of workshops, seminars and training courses The LCHR in the different villages.

International Relations Unit:
The Unit is building a network of relations with international non-governmental organizations, trade unions, farmer, labor and international exchange of experiences, skills and participation in international activities of common interest, also follows the activities of the commissions of the United Nations and the organization to participate in its work.

Administration Unit:
The employees in the administrative unit are responsible for the management of the daily work inside the LCHR. They receive cases, maintenance devices at the headquarters, and send and receive faxes and mail. They mange the LCHR's buffet, compile its legal notes and memos. They arrange the lawsuits filed by the lawyers. They print documents, purchase stationery, send and receive international and local mail, and the electronic correspondence of the LCHR. They distribute the reports and press releases of the LCHR, and supervise the implementation of the annual activity plan. They update the LCHR's website. They translate reports, newsletters, and workshops. They arrange the meetings organized by the LCHR. The unit will also take responsibility of the annual and monthly financial audit, and the implementation of the financial plan of the LCHR.