22 March 2013

The Silent assassination of food security

At the time when it was announced that the "Egypt is losing about five acres of the finest land each hour." This painful truth was announced by the National Coordinator of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. And the international organization ranked Egypt as first in desertification in the globe. It is well known to all that precious agricultural land was formed over thousands of years due to flooding of the Nile, and therefore can not be compensated at all.

And keep the reference to what is the most dangerous, as confirmed by the report of the organization that Egypt has become on the brink of famine food soon, if not rectify the matter quickly, and stop this bleeding continued for the waste of agricultural land immediately and as usual, authorities Egyptian impotent only looting did not find in the report of the international organization as it to reconsider its policy of wasting our resources, especially in light of the false publicity about the elections, the Constitution and form of the state run by the corrupt. But the working poor of the people of Egypt have other interests and demands is not just about freedom and democracy, but about justice and a decent life, they are demanding leaving them work and produce without encroaching on their rights, lands and their hard working, demanding food, education, health and a minimum of a decent life.
At this time is still lying and misleading policies controlling the course of events where the assassination of more than 250 acres of the finest agricultural land Monofia without any justification except more of the theft and waste under the scruples and the public interest.
The story begins when the local People's Council adopted the City of Shebeen decision dated 17/02/2009 to start the project of doubling and developing the Shebeen / Tamalay road.
A road which requires trampling on the crops and houses of 13 villages were: Shebeen – El May – El Saayda village- El gazzar village- Manshiet Essam – Dokma - Iraqeya - Manshiet Sultan - Doberky - Shubra bus - Shbsheer - Alhbaybah - Tamalay, all belonging to the central Shebeen and Monouf, Monofia , and then surprised the peasants dwellers of these villages company Nile for Roads and bridges are barely through the center of their land and their crops with an average view of 50 meters and length of 16 km and without the presence of any official papers or documents for the project and in violation of the decision issued on the expansion by Shebeen - Tamalay.
When farmers went to the question about the motive behind the destruction of their crops and set-aside land for a new road is not feasible they were told that the People's Council and the Minister of Agriculture and the former agreed to develop the project Shebeen. So while the peasants did not declare to disarm their land for this new route, which land has been acquired did not identify them any measures to compensate for their misfortunes and the theft of the source of income is the only thing is unfortunate that it opposed the establishment of a new road was arrested and imprisoned on the grounds that the road went to Mr. Ahmed Ezz personally.
The affected farmers filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Court Monoufia against the Prime Minister and the Governor of Menoufia, Minister of Agriculture and others to stop the project for not announcing or compensating them for their lands which were destroyed.
Then surprised by a decision of farmers expropriated for this new land for public interest and that the path of direct seizure of land required for project implementation. The farmers and their families who are affected by increasing to 10 thousand families work multiple protests and the status of Menouf, Menofia in order to stop the project and stop the seizure of their land and claim not to abuse the security manager so he and the governor and the threat of arrest of each other in prison. Although the lawsuits that the farmers raised, complaints and despite the arrests and humiliation and the loss of their lands, the first phase of the project was implemented with the loss of 80 acres and the second and the third stages were not completed because of the revolution.
And demands that farmers now after the revolution to re-evaluate this project, which everyone knows he has to serve some business influential in the state that the project parallel to the main road and will cost the state more than 600 million pounds and has no interest and useful that they expand the main road at a low cost and the preservation of 250 acres largesse the fruits of the citizens in the righteousness of Egypt.
The Centre calls upon the Egyptian authorities to respond to the demands of the peasants in order to future food security of Egypt and to stop the bleeding waste of resources of our country and looting and a commitment to agreements the right to development, and protection from hunger, poverty and the confirmation of the data the military junta has repeatedly stressed that the guardian of the revolution, the Egyptian People.
Glory to the blood of the martyr's
Eternal life for the struggle of peoples